Technical Conference at Sapphire Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar designs

Technical Conference at Sapphire Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar designs


The 2009 Sapphire Alliance Technical Conference has been held in the Nihon Room at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  We have been pleased to welcome delegates from Australia, France, Germany, Spain, USA and United Kingdom.

The 2009 Conference was a great success.  There was a lively interchange of ideas with a clear consensus on the way forward for the next generation of advanced Xray inspection systems.

Who we are?

The highlight of the event was a dinner in Pembroke Old Library.  In attendance were representatives of Alliance members : Don Pappas from Autopac, Australia, Patrick Roux from France Scan, France, Matthias Schultz from Cassel, Germany, Joan Brunet and Juli Vera from Varpe, Spain, Craig and Mary Lewis from Eriez, USA and Charlie Graham from Acadian in Scotland.

We were joined by members of the College: Sir Richard Dearlove, Master of Pembroke, Professor Mike Payne FRS, Physicist, Dr. Michael Kuczynski, Economist and Dr. Geoff Hale.

Making up the numbers were members of the Cheyney team and the Absolute team.

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