Mobile Xray at France Scan by Sapphire Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar Designs

Mobile Xray

 Mobile Xray at France Scan by Sapphire Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar Designs


France Scan has taken delivery of a new mobile system for product rework and recovery.

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France Scan can now offer a system for inspection of manufactured products within its clients’ facilities.  The system is mobile, and can be transported rapidly to any site.  The Rapid Response team can install and setup the system in less than one hour.  Says M. Patrick Roux, director of France Scan, “this opens up new markets to us, particularly in the fields of fresh and frozen products, and also for pharmaceutical clients who have strict product security”.

The equipment is a new generation of equipment using Image Intensifier technology.  Designed and manufactured by CDD, it includes many advanced features including automatic testing and logging for HACCP.  For more details,

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