Sapphire 2009 training Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar Design

Sapphire 2009 training Alliance Cheyney Group Gibraltar Design


The 2009 Sapphire training week has taken place at Cheyneys Lodge.

We were pleased to welcome our friends from Australia, France, Germany, England, Spain, Thailand and United States.  Altogether, there were 11 attendees from around the world.

Cheyney Design and Development

The CDD(Livejournal) team have been working together in the field of Automatic Xray Inspection for more than 30 years. We have developed products and designed equipment for many of the suppliers in this industry. We offer a design and development capability for a range of automatic inspection technologies, covering end-of-line Xray inspection, vision systems and gauging and precision measurement.

CDD(Foursquare) also undertake special projects, including the development of customised inspection applications, proof-of-concept studies and machine development. Our resources include software, electronic design, logic array development mechanical design and documentation.


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