Lower energy mass measurement at Sapphire Alliance Cheyney Group

Lower energy mass measurement

Lower energy mass measurement

CDD are specialists in the use of very low energy Xrays for measurement of small masses at very high speed.

These can be applied to both on-line and off-line measurements, with closed loop control. One application utilizes this technique for measuring and verifying powder dosage in pharmaceutical devices. The technique can be applied for measuring up to 3000 items/minute, at accuracies of down to 0.1mg.

Who We Are

Cheyney is situated in the beautiful countryside of South Cambridgeshire, the team have idyllic base from which to develop their creative talents. This has been the centre of our operations for nearly 26 years and is ideally located midway between two of the London airports, and just over 30 minutes from central London. With our connections to the nearby University, CDD is able to support innovation through collaboration and investment.

The Company takes its name from Cheyneys Lodge, the property that was its home for nearly 25 years until 2010.   Cheyney is a famous name in this area of South Cambridgeshire, with historical references going back to the year 1248.

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